NFL News of March 27, 2004

When Lovie Smith introduced backup quarterback Jonathan Quinn earlier this month, he referred to the lasting impression Quinn had made the last time they met.

Quinn completed 15 of 21 passes for 231 yards and a touchdown for the Chiefs during a 22-6 exhibition victory last August over Smith’s St. Louis Rams defense. That performance provided all Smith really had on which to form an opinion on Quinn, the strongest image of the player in a warehouse of career memories all but empty.

The Bears’ most experienced quarterback hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game since Nov. 18, 2001, and has only three starts in six pro seasons.

Before the Bears cut 38-year-old Chris Chandler last week, that mattered little given Quinn’s knowledge of offensive coordinator Terry Shea’s complex new scheme and his ability to serve as Rex Grossman‘s personal tutor.

—David Haugh, The Chicago Tribune “With Quinn, Bears have 1 more quarterback option.”

Quinn started 3 games for the Bears in 2004, going 0-3 with 1 touchdown and three interceptions. It was his final season in the NFL. Grossman started 3 games for the 2004 Bears, with Chad Hutchinson and Craig Krenzel each starting 5 games.

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