NFL News of January 24, 2004

The biggest story of Super Bowl XXXIV was former NFL Europe quarterback Kurt Warner, who led the St. Louis Rams to victory.

Super Bowl XXXVIII has a story that might be even more improbable. Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme was Warner’s backup for the Amsterdam Admirals in 1998.

Delhomme will be the starter when the Panthers face the New England Patriots on Feb.1 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. There is sure to be plenty of stories comparing Delhomme’s rise to Warner’s.

But Delhomme wasn’t always so thrilled to follow in Warner’s footsteps.

“You talk about a blow to your ego,” Delhomme said. “I mean, if you can’t start in NFLEurope, how are you going to make (an NFL) roster?”

—Pat Yasinskas, The Charlotte Observer “Delhomme rode bench in Amsterdam while Warner prospered”

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