NFL News of August 10, 2004

The Miami Dolphins are in desperate need of a starting running back now that Ricky Williams has retired. The Arizona Cardinals also are hurting for running backs after Marcel Shipp dislocated his left ankle and fractured both his fibula and his chances of playing this season.

Meantime, the Vikings have a surplus. With Michael Bennett, Onterrio Smith, Moe Williams and rookie Mewelde Moore, they might have the best backfield depth of any NFL team.

—Bob Sansevere, The St. Paul Pioneer Press  “Vikings pleased with glut of running backs”

None of the Vikings running backs had more than 125 carries or 3 TDs in the 2004 season. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper was the second leading rusher on the team with 406 yards on 88 carries. Smith lead the team in carries (124) and yards (544) but was suspended for the 2005 season and out of the league before the 2006 season. Bennett faced continued injury struggles and was limited to 7 starts. Moore spent four seasons the Vikings, four seasons with the Steelers and one with Colts in his NFL career but only had more than 4 starts in a season once in his career. Williams had one start and 30 total carries in the 2004 season. He retired in 2006 after nine seasons with the Vikings.

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