NFL News of August 9, 2004

This time there were no sidesteps.

No spin moves to change direction.

No cutbacks and no mid-step course corrections.

Barry Sanders knew where he was going this time and he arrived in style, taking his place among the NFL’s all-time greats in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Sanders, the Lions’ all-time rushing leader and one of the most exciting runners in NFL history, was joined in the class of 2004 by Denver quarterback John Elway, Minnesota defensive end Carl Eller and offensive tackle Bob Brown, who played for Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Oakland.

If Sanders had one regret as he entered the Hall of Fame, it wasn’t that he had retired early— at the age of 31, with the NFL rushing record within reach—but that he never got the ultimate prize, a Super Bowl ring.

—Curt Sylvester, The Detroit Free Press “Hall of Famer Sanders’ one regret: never playing in Super Bowl”

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