NFL News of April 2, 2004

The agent who failed to file paperwork that would have made Dennis Northcutt a free agent says the wide receiver will never play for the Browns again.

Frustrated by the Browns’ refusal to trade Northcutt to Baltimore, agent Jerome Stanley on Wednesday said the team was hurting his client’s career.

“Dennis Northcutt will never play for the Cleveland Browns again, under any circumstances,” Stanley said from Palm Beach, at the NFL meetings. “If they trade him to any team other than Baltimore, he will not report.”

…The Browns contend Northcutt and Stanley failed to comply with the stipulation that they inform the club by certified mail of their intentions to void the remaining three years of his deal.

Instead of signing a multimillion dollar deal elsewhere, Northcutt remains in Cleveland for the next three years, averaging about $700,000 a year.

—The Tampa Tribune “Browns’ Northcutt Stuck In Red Tape”

Northcutt played for the Browns in the 2004 season and remained with the team through 2006. He signed a 5-year, $17m contract with the Jaguars before the 2007 season. He spent two years with the team before he was traded to the Lions. Northcutt was cut by the Lions after the 2009 season, his final season in the league.

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