NFL News of January 18, 2004

Archie Manning will be here at Gillette Stadium today, cheering on an appreciative son who has honored his father’s heritage by forging a legend of his own.

Next month, at the Maxwell Award ceremonies, Archie will sit between Peyton and Eli as the two brothers make history by accepting the pro and college player of the year awards in the same season.

In April, Eli could be the first pick in the NFL Draft after a superb final season at Ole Miss, where Archie starred as an All-America quarterback in 1970.

But enough about the future … this is Peyton’s time and Peyton’s place.

Two weeks ago, Peyton Manning was 0-3 in playoff games, and skeptics questioned his poise in crunch time.

That was before he threw five touchdowns against Denver in a 41-10 rout. That was before he tortured the Chiefs in a 38-31 triumph so masterfully executed that it cost Kansas City defensive coordinator Greg Robinson his job.

—Ira Kaufman, The Tampa Tribune “The Prince & The Pauper; Colts’ Manning Building His Own Legend”

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