NFL News of January 15, 2004

Peyton Manning and Foxboro. Think along the lines of Superman and kryptonite. The Buffalo Bills and the Super Bowl. Phil Mickelson and the majors.

Manning may have recently put his playoff monkey to bed, but there’s still another demon out there. It’s the matter of coming up with a “W” on Route 1.

While the Indianapolis Colts quarterback hasn’t played at Gillette Stadium, his luck on the road against the Patriots has been nonexistent. To date, he’s 0-4 on Foxboro soil.

…And even if you dig up the box scores, you’ll see the weather really had no bearing on his performance. The coldest game he’s played in Foxboro was 55 degrees.

So the Pats are unbeaten at home against Manning without the aid of winter. Sunday will be the first time he will see his breath here in a football game.

Then, of course, there’s the 2-7 record against the Pats as a whole, and the 4-5 mark against Bill Belichick-coached teams. If you believe those statistics have meaning, and have a bearing in what will transpire, Manning will no doubt morph from all-world to all-done.

—Karen Guregian, The Boston Herald “Foxboro not Peyton’s place; QB’s struggles hot topic for Pats”

In the AFC Championship game, “New England’s defense dominated the Colts, only allowing 14 points, intercepting 4 passes from Peyton Manning (3 of them by Ty Law), recording 4 sacks (three by Jarvis Green), and forcing a safety. Although New England’s offense fared no better and only scored one touchdown, Vinatieri’s 5 field goals made up for the difference as the Patriots won, 24–14, to advance to their second Super Bowl appearance in 3 seasons.”

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