NFL News of October 20, 2003

A day after using words that can’t be printed in a family newspaper to describe the officiating in Sunday’s 24-17 loss to Seattle, rookie Charles Tillman reacted in a way that reflects his personality: He didn’t back off one iota.

Tillman, who has blasted officials after two of his three NFL starts, said: “I’m not going to tone things down.”

The cornerback has been flagged four times in the last two weeks. A pass-interference call against Tillman on Koren Robinson during Seattle’s game-winning drive—on second-and-20—still upset Tillman, even after he watched the game film.

“Completely bogus,” he said, shaking his head. “You couldn’t have played it any more perfectly than I played it.”

Talking as if he had studied self-confidence at the Deion Sanders Academy, Tillman dismissed the notion that constant public criticism of officials will earn him a reputation that could cost him on Sundays.

—David Haugh, The Chicago Tribune “Tillman still steaming over interference call”

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