NFL News of October 8, 2003

Even after the Indianapolis Colts fell far behind in the fourth quarter, Archie Manning kept his television set on.

Long past midnight, Peyton Manning, his oldest son, rallied the Colts to an incredible 38-35 overtime win against Tampa Bay in one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history.

“Football can just be crazy,” Archie Manning said from his office in New Orleans. “We’ve got so many people who talk about it — too many of them in my opinion. So many experts. But when it comes right down to it, nobody knows much.”

Manning got his usual phone call from his son as the Colts headed for the Tampa airport.

“I know Peyton,” Manning aid. “When it was 35-14, I knew it was going to be gambling time. He’s kind of like (Brett) Favre that way. We’re proud of Peyton. One thing I appreciate is that he kind of values the history of the game.”

Manning threw two scoring passes to Marvin Harrison and set up a third score in those frantic final four minutes of regulation. Mike Vanderjagt‘s field goal won it for the Colts in overtime.

—Gordon Forbes, The USA Today “Archie knew son Peyton would shine”

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