NFL News of September 24, 2003

Last winter, when Brett Favre announced his intention to return for at least another season even after the Green Bay Packers were beaten by a combined score of 69-24 in their final two games, the fire within his competitive belly seemed sufficiently stoked.

Between the lines, it was almost as if Favre were saying to his teammates, “OK, I’m coming back because I love this game, but I’m not coming back to get hammered by the New York bleepin’ Jets or the Atlanta freakin’ Falcons in a home playoff game.”

But now, three games into an already potentially grim 2003 season, the Packers have trailed by 24 points at home to Minnesota and suffered the ultimate humiliation, a loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

And you wonder: Is Brett Favre having fun anymore?

—Michael Hunt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Prolonged ineptitude by Packers could take Favre out of the NFL”

The Packers finished the 2003 NFL season at 10-6, advancing to the divisional round of the playoffs before falling to the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime.

Favre played for the Packers until retiring after the 2007 season. He withdrew his retirement before the 2008 season and was subsequently traded to the “bleepin” New York Jets. He spent the 2009 & 2010 season with the Minnesota Vikings before retiring for the final time.

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