NFL News of September 19, 2003

Keenan McCardell will pay for a block that cost a Panthers defensive lineman his season.

The NFL announced Thursday it fined McCardell $12,500 for what it determined were two illegal blocks in Sunday’s 12-9 overtime loss to Carolina, including one that resulted in a season-ending knee injury to defensive end Kavika Pittman.

Pittman, a backup defensive end, tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee during a play in overtime when McCardell threw what the league determined was a chop block.

He will be placed on injured reserve and miss the rest of the season.

The NFL also fined McCardell for using an illegal crackback block on a running play during the first quarter.

…”That’s the league, they take it overboard sometimes,” said McCardell, who said Pittman was not engaged with another player when he was blocked.

—Rick Stroud, The St. Petersburg Times “NFL fines McCardell $12,500”

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