NFL News of September 18, 2003

That’s the problem with getting better in the NFL: Start off fast and everybody’s going to notice. You can’t hide 38-0 in the back of the standings page or in the middle of the Sunday highlight shows. A score like that is going to seep through the muck like a stain on a tablecloth. Pretty soon, nobody will be able to miss it.

The Seahawks have been doing a lot of stomping through the highlights lately. They might not be on TV at home, but it’s hard to miss them at 11 o’clock, using their shoulders to recreate dental records, leaving bodies limp on the grass gasping for breath. Ken Hamlin alone has generated so much tape that he is about three games short of his own plotless action film.

There’s no forgetting Seattle now. Everybody knows. Especially the St. Louis Rams.

“Oh, they have their eyes open,” Seahawks cornerback Doug Evans says. “They definitely have their eyes open.”

Which makes Sunday very interesting. Seattle’s early success has rattled the football world, shaking everybody awake. For the first time since the Seahawks were 8-2 in Mike Holmgren’s first year here, a good team is going to come to town and really, truly take the Seahawks seriously as a legitimate power.

—Les Carpenter, The Seattle Times “Seahawks open many eyes, but will they be closed at end of season”

The Rams finished the season 12-4, the second seed in the NFC. The Seahawks finished 10-6, taking the fifth seed and feel to Green Bay in overtime.

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