NFL News of September 9, 2003

Week 2 will bring at least two quarterback changes, reminding NFL passers everywhere how insecure life in the pocket can be.

Although two-time MVP Kurt Warner is convinced he can recover from a concussion in time for St. Louis’ NFC West game against visiting San Francisco, coach Mike Martz has decided to start Marc Bulger.

“Let’s just take it one week at a time at this point,” Martz said.

Carolina’s John Fox is switching to Jake Delhomme for his team’s game at defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay. Delhomme replaced Rodney Peete and rallied the Panthers from a 17-point second-half deficit to a 24-23 victory against Jacksonville.

Fox was almost apologetic about the decision: “A quarterback gets a lot more blame or a lot more credit than maybe he deserves.”

—Tom Pedulla, USA Today “Quarterback carousel begins”

Warner was released by the Rams after the 2003 season and spent one season with the Giants before spending the final 5 season of his career with the Cardinals.

Bulger started for the Rams until he was released after the 2009 season. He spent one season as a backup in Baltimore before retiring.

Peete remained as a backup with the Panthers through the 2004 season. He retired upon his release.

Delhomme led the Panthers to the 2003 Super Bowl and, like Bulger, remained with his team until his release after the 2009 season. He spent one season with the Browns and the 2011 season with the Texans before retiring.

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