NFL News of September 2, 2003

Speed is the ticket that helped Laveranues Coles land a mega free agent deal from the Washington Redskins that included a team-record $13 million signing bonus.

…Coles is going low-key this week because he’s wary of making the Jets’ bulletin board. With a game to play, no need to inflame.

Yet Coles, 25, had much to say about his former team last month. The Redskins snatched Coles, who blossomed into a star last year with 89 catches for 1,264 yards, as a restricted free agent when the Jets refused to match a seven-year, $35 million offer.

“It’s totally business,” Coles said during an interview early in camp. “I don’t think (the deal wasn’t matched) because they didn’t like me or because they weren’t going to miss me. Like they told me, if they gave me that kind of money, what will John Abraham, Shaun Ellis and Chad Pennington ask for next year when their contracts come up. So they were looking towards the future—and their wallets.”

—Jarrett Bell, USA Today “With Jets game nearing, Coles zips up”

Coles spent two seasons with the Redskins but struggled through the 2004 season in Gibbs’ conservative offense. He was traded by the Redskins back to the New York Jets for Santana Moss before the 2005 season. He was with the Jets until his release after the 2008 season. He spent the 2009 season with the Bengals. He signed with the Jets twice during the 2010 season, but did not record any stats. He has not appeared in an NFL game since.

Santana Moss is entering his 9th season with the Redskins.

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