NFL News of August 30, 2003

Sometimes you wonder if anyone is trying as hard as the New England Patriots are. The Patriots have added three veterans to the roster since the start of training camp: fullback Larry Centers, defensive tackle Ted Washington and offensive lineman Corbin Lacina. Centers is the all-time leading receiver among NFL running backs, Washington is a veteran Pro Bowl tackle and run defender, and Lacina started 16 games last season at Minnesota. So one of the deepest benches in football just got deeper. Kudos to personnel director Scott Pioli. While other teams are in training camp trying to figure out who to cut, Pioli is trying to figure out who he can add.

Every summer, one team on my training camp tour jumps out as better than I initially expected. That team this summer was Buffalo. The addition of Takeo Spikes, Jeff Posey and Sam Adams on defense will make the Bills competitive for a playoff spot in one of the NFL’s toughest divisions (AFC East). The offense is already loaded with playmakers Drew Bledsoe, Travis Henry and Eric Moulds.

—Rick Gosselin, The Dallas Morning News “From the observation deck”

Lacina was cut by the Patriots at the end of the 2003 preseason and spent the 2003 NFL season with the Bears, his tenth and final NFL season. Centers retired after spending the 2003 season with the Patriots. Washington started 10 games in his only season with the Patriots.

The Bills finished the 2003 season 6-10, third in the AFC East.

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