NFL News of August 14, 2003

He says the entire team is out for vengeance in those ads promoting Dolphins season tickets, but now Junior Seau‘s quest is more personal. On Friday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Seau is trying to avenge his good name.

After earning 12 consecutive Pro Bowl honors and all but ensuring a future place in the Hall of Fame, Seau had a couple of tough moments last week in his first preseason game with his new team.

NFL analyst Ron Jaworski saw Seau get beaten on a 28-yard pass play against Tampa Bay and asked whether the 34-year-old ‘has anything left in the tank.’

“He doesn’t,” Jaworski concluded, which suddenly raised questions as to whether Seau is too lost, too flawed, or worse, too old, to make a difference for the Dolphins.

—Armando Salguero, The Miami Herald “Seau has much to prove in Dolphins’ system”

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