NFL News of August 7, 2003

Quarterbacks Jake Plummer and David Carr have much in common: All-American good looks, lots of bucks in the bank and the lofty expectations of an NFL franchise riding on their valuable right arms.

And one more thing: memories of a rookie season that produced more bruises and abrasions than a “Rocky” movie.

During the expansion Houston Texans’ inaugural 2002 season, Carr started every game, took every snap and was sacked an NFL-record 76 times. On average, the man the Texans awarded a $46.2 million contract was dumped 4.8 times a game.

The Broncos’ Plummer can relate.

During his 1997 rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals, Plummer started nine games and was sacked 52 times. That’s an average of 5.8 sacks per start. The math shows that if Plummer had played as much during his rookie season as Carr did in his, Plummer would have been dumped 92 times.

—Patrick Saunders, The Denver Post “Plummer can feel Carr’s pain: Rough rookie seasons connect quarterbacks of Broncos, Texans”

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