NFL News of July 27, 2003

Rodney Harrison didn’t want to rationalize, for there was no immediate point to it. To him, there was little advantage in dissecting why the San Diego Chargers chose to end their 10-year association with him, even though he was convinced their decision would be a colossal mistake.

…”You can never have enough attitude guys,” linebacker Ted Johnson said. “He’s old school. He’s got that mentality, I like his style.”

With Roosevelt Colvin representing the most significant signing of the offseason, Harrison is certainly second. Tebucky Jones is gone, after five years with the Patriots. Training camp is not yet a week old and Harrison has already drilled the Patriots’ top receiver, Troy Brown, on the first day of camp. There was a certain type of electricity to the moment, a minor but serious indication of change. Brown was angry that Harrison poked him in the eye, while Harrison seemed titillated by so animated a response so early. Younger defensive players laughed that Harrison, flying around the field on the first day of camp, was crazy. Tedy Bruschi loved the theatre of it all.

“Who would hit Troy Brown in the eye on the first day of practice?” he said, bolstered. “That’s what we need. He brings a presence. He brings leadership.”

— Howard Bryant, The Boston Herald “Plenty to prove; Pats give Harrison chance to show critics he’s still got it while Pro Bowl safety give team big one-two punch”

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