NFL News of July 25, 2003

The Detroit Lions are working hard to improve after winning just three games last season.

They fired coach Marty Mornhinweg, hired highly regarded Steve Mariucci to replace him, and drafted local star Charles Rogers with the second pick in the NFL draft.

The Lions took another step Wednesday, signing the receiver to a six-year contract after he was briefly a holdout.

According to a league source involved in contract negotiations, Rogers agreed to a $14.4 million signing bonus and will make $40 million over six years. The source said Rogers could make as much as $54.6 million with incentives.

— The Record “Charles Rogers gets 6-year deal; Contract could top $50 million”

Rogers started a total of 9 games in his three seasons with the Detroit Lions, catching a total of 36 passes. He has been out of the NFL since he was released before the 2006 season. Rogers was ordered by a judge in April 2010 to return $6.1 million of his $9.1 million signing bonus to the Lions. The judge agreed with the Lions’ contention that Rogers’ drug use had breached his contract.

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