NFL News of July 11, 2003

Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell was watching practice from a golf cart, as always, at a recent minicamp when play halted because of a scuffle involving at least two dozen players. It was the third skirmish in about 20 minutes and by far the most serious.

After order was restored — complete with Ray Lewis chastising the group, “What are we doing here? We don’t need anybody getting hurt over no silly (expletive)!” — Modell was hardly surprised to learn of the flash point.

Right tackle Orlando Brown, aka “Zeus,” had yanked second-year defensive end Anthony Weaver to the ground by his face mask.

…Brown, 32, has returned after missing more than three years after a freak injury to his right eye. Brown, then playing for the Cleveland Browns, was accidentally struck in the eye Dec. 19, 1999, when referee Jeff Triplette threw a weighted penalty flag that somehow sailed through the bars of his face mask.

…One might expect Brown to be quite angry about circumstances that began with the eye injury. He’s had other setbacks since 1999: His marriage has fallen apart, and his mother, Catherine, suffered a stroke, although she has recovered. Yet his anger over the eye injury appears to be checked.

….Yet ask Brown about his former team, which released him in 2000, and the blood boils. Brown is particularly harsh on former coach Palmer and Browns President Carmen Policy.

— Jarrett Bell, USA Today “Brown rumbles back into NFL”

Brown played for the Ravens for three seasons before retiring after the 2005 season. Over those three seasons, he started 35 games, including a game in 2003 against the Oakland Raiders where he started at offensive tackle and defensive tackle.

Brown was one of only two players to have played for the Cleveland Browns before they became the Baltimore Ravens and return to the Browns after the expansion team formed in 1999; the other player is Antonio Langham.

Orlando Brown passed away from diabetes on September 23, 2011. He was 40 years old.

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