NFL News of July 7, 2003

Tarik Glenn Indianapolis Colts tackle

Out of the 11 NFL players who made a monstrous $10 million or more last season, nine of the gridiron warriors are Black, according to a USA Today study.

…The total number of players earning eight figures, is up from the previous season. During the 2001 season, only seven players made $10 million or more, and in the 2000 season, no one topped this amount.

Michael Strahan ($20,599,980)

Donovan McNabb ($14,736,284)

Marshall Faulk ($11,595,000)

Curtis Martin ($13,503,600)

Aaron Glenn ($11,343,360)

Larry Allen ($13,002,520)

Tarik Glenn ($11,300,000)

Rod Smith ($11,664,040)

Ray Lewis ($10,525,000)

— Jet “NFL’s black double-digit million-dollar players.”

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