NFL News of July 6, 2003

In 19 days, the Falcons go back to work full-time when they open their training camp in Greenville, S.C.

…Pursuits range from the exotic — among cornerback Ray Buchanan‘s many vacations was one to Maui — to the mundane — kicker Jay Feely recently spread a truckload of mulch in his yard. Everyone seems to have an interest to follow.

“It’s pretty amazing,” defensive end Patrick Kerney said. “More often than not, maybe I’ll have one afternoon a week to myself to sit down and watch movies. Otherwise, a lot of guys come up with stuff to keep ’em busy.”

Travel is a top priority. Players visit family or get away to unwind from the stress of the season. Guard Kynan Forney spent about six weeks in Hawaii, where he went to college. This offseason alone, Buchanan has gone, either with his family or just with wife Sheree, to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, San Diego and Jamaica.

Kerney has often flown to New York and Charlottesville, Va., to visit friends. As passing camp ended two Fridays ago, the next spot on his itinerary was Martha’s Vineyard, where Kerney intended to spend his time sitting under a tree, reading. A trip to Montana might follow this week’s minicamp.

…Charity work and business opportunities also take up time. Kerney and safety Cory Hall dabble in rental properties. Offensive tackle Bob Whitfield runs PatchWerk Recordings, one of the top recording studios in the Southeast, in Midtown, and is helping wife Sheree start up Bella Azul, a clothing boutique also in Midtown.

Cornerback Juran Bolden and wide receiver Trevor Gaylor have spent a couple of afternoons each week at X Factory, a company that designs video games in Midtown.

— Ken Sugiura, Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Time Off Gives Falcons Chance for Travel, Bogeys and Family Life”

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