NFL News of April 21, 2003

”You are seeing more and more success stories with veteran quarterbacks who failed at one place and move on to another place, and maybe even another place, and then find success,” said Jerry Angelo, the Chicago Bears’ general manager, who recently signed the free-agent quarterback Kordell Stewart. ”Maybe when I started, if a player ever left a team scarred, that was probably it. Now, that’s not the case any more.”

The 2003 draft class of quarterbacks offers big arms and fresh legs, led by Southern California’s Carson Palmer and Marshall’s Byron Leftwich, who are expected to be the first two quarterbacks selected. California’s Kyle Boller and Florida’s Rex Grossman are also considered potential first-round selections, with Texas’ Chris Simms viewed by some as a possible late first- or early second-round pick.

Other prospects include Dave Ragone of Louisville, Jason Gesser of Washington State and Ken Dorsey of Miami.

Angelo said that the class was eight deep and that ”any one of them could have an opportunity to start in this league.”

But which will?

For all of their wonderful moments in college, many of them could fade out soon.

— Damon Hack,  The New York Times “Quarterback Quandary Complicates Draft Strategy”

Entering the 2013 season, only Palmer (Cardinals) and Grossman (Redskins) are signed to NFL teams.

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