NFL News of April 17, 2003

It is time to expound on the Steve Mariucci whispers. Not the ones involving how the Detroit Lions stiff-armed the NFL rules by not interviewing at least one minority as a coaching candidate. They signed Mariucci after he was fired by the San Francisco 49ers.

We’re talking about the ones involving how Mariucci nearly joined the Falcons.

This is how those whispers go: Before Mariucci took his considerable gifts to the Lions in February, he got a call from Falcons owner Arthur Blank. In fact, they huddled in San Diego during this year’s Super Bowl week at the home of Falcons executive Bobby Beathard.

…What did Falcons coach Dan Reeves know about all of this?

“Arthur did tell me that he had a conversation with Steve, but I don’t know if it was at the Super Bowl or what,” said Reeves, owner of the most honest tongue in his profession. Between preparations for the upcoming NFL draft, he spoke freely from a couch in his spacious office.

— Terence Moore,  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Mariucci Talks No Surprise to Reeves”

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