NFL News of April 10, 2003

The arbitrator who awarded kick returner Chad Morton to Washington on Monday is a Redskins season-ticket holder.

And the Jets, who lost Morton – the fourth player to leave the team for Washington as a free agent – knew about it.

Richard Bloch ruled the Jets did not match Washington’s five-year, $8-million offer to Morton, a restricted free agent. New York, on advice from the NFL Management Council, left out a voidable-years provision in the deal, and the NFLPA challenged the Jets contract.

“The NFLPA wants to make it clear that arbitrator Bloch disclosed this fact to all of the parties before the arbitration hearing,” the union said in a release, “and that all of the parties, including the Jets, immediately agreed that arbitrator Bloch should hear and decide the arbitration.”

— St. Petersburg Times “Arbitrator in Jets case has tickets for ‘Skins”

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