NFL News of April 9, 2003

Last off-season it was Oakland. This year, it’s Cincinnati.

The latest Warren Sapp trade rumors began circulating Tuesday, with nearly everyone involved scoffing at the idea.

A Cincinnati Post article quoted “an NFL source” as saying the Bucs were negotiating a trade with the Bengals that would include Sapp for the No. 1 overall pick in the April 26-27NFL Draft.

“That’s laughable,” Bucs General Manager Rich McKay said.

The Post’s source said such trade talks took place because Sapp and defensive tackle Anthony McFarland are entering the final season of their contracts, with the 30-year-old Sapp due a base salary of $6.6 million this season and McFarland, 25, $2.25 million.

“The Buccaneers may not be able to keep both Sapp and McFarland,” the source told the newspaper. “Some people don’t feel Sapp is the player he was four years ago and McFarland is younger.”

Sapp’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he had not heard “anything about a trade.”

— Katherine Smith, The Tampa Tribune “Bucs Call Sapp-Bengals Trade Rumors A Joke”

Sapp spent the 2003 season with the Bucs before signing with the Raiders for the last four years of his career. He was elected the NFL Hall of Fame in 2013, his first year of eligibility.

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