NFL News of April 8, 2003

The Jets continued to stagger through this off-season Monday when the Redskins and gloating owner Daniel Snyder dealt them another stunning blow by taking away knockout kick returner Chad Morton.

It was Snyder’s fourth successful foray on the Jets’ roster in the past six weeks, but he needed help for this heist. And he got it from arbitrator Richard Bloch, who ruled from his Washington offices that the Jets, by ignoring the voidable-years clause of the March 6 offer sheet to Morton, lost the right to retain his services.

“Chad Morton will look great playing in burgundy and gold,” a jubilant Snyder told, “and I want to see how the Jets spin this one now.”

…A look at the players the Jets have lost to the Redskins during the off-season:

March 1: On the first day of free agency, guard Randy Thomas gets a seven-year deal and a $7 million signing bonus from Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder.

March 3: K John Hall signs for five years and $7.5 million.

March 19: WR Laveranues Coles, who signed a seven-year, $35 million offer sheet with a $13 million signing bonus the week before, officially becomes a ‘Skin when the Jets decide not to match.

April 7: Arbitrator Richard Bloch awards Chad Morton to the Redskins because the Jets didn’t match a voidable-years clause in the original offer sheet.

— Randy Lange, The Record “Jets get ‘Skinned again; Arbitrator voids contract offer; Morton is going to Washington.”

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