NFL News of March 23, 2003

…Here is an NFC free agency scorecard, with “Wins” (unrestricted/restricted free agent signings and other acquisitions), “Losses” (unrestricted/restricted free agents lost and players cut), and “Saves” (unrestricted/restricted free agents re-signed).


WON (5) — FS Dexter Jackson (Bucs), QB Jeff Blake (Ravens), LB James Darling (Jets), RB James Hodgins (Rams), OL Frank Garcia (Rams).

LOST (2) — QB Jake Plummer (Broncos), WR David Boston (Chargers).

SUMMARY: Plummer-to-Boston has been the offense, but now both are gone. Jackson stamped his Super Bowl MVP as his 15 minutes of fame by joining the Cardinals.

— Vinny Ditrani, The Record “NFC wins and losses plentiful during free agency free-for-all.” (emphasis added)


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