NFL News of January 10, 2003

The first handpicked successor to John Elway, the only quarterback the Denver Broncos selected in the first round of the NFL draft, finally is showing why the team invested millions in him.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While the Broncos have no idea who will serve as their quarterback of the future, the Steelers have Tommy Maddox, the quarterback Denver once kicked to the curb and who will lead Pittsburgh into Saturday’s AFC divisional playoff game at Tennessee against the Titans.

…On the same field where he suffered a cerebral and spinal cord contusion Nov. 17, leaving him temporarily paralyzed, Maddox will try to lead the Steelers into the AFC championship game.

After a potent hit that Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck delivered, Maddox was wheeled off the Coliseum field on a stretcher, with questions not whether he would play again, but if he would walk.

— Adam Schefter, The Denver Post “Maddox proving to be master of comeback Steelers”

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