NFL News of January 4, 2003

This is what can happen when hell doesn’t freeze over. And Michael Vick puts on the afterburners.

The Green Bay Packers not only lost a playoff game to the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night; they lost home-ice advantage. Maybe for good.

…Before losing to the Falcons, 27-7, the Packers never had lost a home playoff game. They had been unbeaten in 13 games (since a divisional format was instituted in 1933).

…It began snowing heavily in the second half, but by that time, Vick had stoked the fire for the Pack’s Meltdown in Titletown.

He steered the Falcons to their first touchdown, hitting Shawn Jefferson for 10 yards. And there was no letup as Atlanta fed on Green Bay’s miscues.

Vick outdueled Brett Favre, although Reeves wouldn’t call this game the passing of the torch from the old star to the young star

— Brian Schmitz, The Orlando Sentinel “Cold truth: Falcons destroy Packers’ aura.”

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