NFL news of December 22, 2002

Chris Hanson and Keith Brooking weren’t necessarily Danny Cronic’s two most talented players at East Coweta High.

“But they were the best athletes we’ve had that were motivated to achieve at that level,” Cronic said.

“That level” would be a Pro Bowl level. Brooking, the Falcons linebacker, and Hanson, a punter for the Jacksonville Jaguars, were named to the Pro Bowl on Thursday.

Cronic: “We’re just as tickled as we can be that they’ve been chosen for the Pro Bowl.”

Hanson and Brooking grew up less than two miles from each other. Not only that, there are three more former Indians in the NFL—Denver Broncos safety Chris Young, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Karsten Bailey and San Francisco 49ers safety John Keith. Brooking played with all but Keith.

Brooking, who played collegiately at Georgia Tech, gave that accomplishment an interesting perspective: “I don’t have five guys that played with me at Tech in the league.”

— Ken Sugiura, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “NFL Game Day: Worth Noting”

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