NFL news of December 20, 2002

There ought to be a rule in the NFL that if your team can be described best as “like, totally skanky,” no more than one of your players can be selected for the Pro Bowl.

The Bears have three players going to the Pro Bowl, and I’m thinking, for what purpose?

…The Bears went from 13-3 last year to 4-10 this season. Here’s the most incriminating thing about the organization: The Bears didn’t underachieve this year. There were injuries. There was bad play-calling. There were bad players. Ball it all up and this is what they are. Four and 10 is what they deserve to be.

Please don’t see the Pro Bowl vote as confirmation the Bears are loaded with talent.

What this bizarre development in a terrible season means is [that] the Pro Bowl is a complete joke.

Bless center Olin Kreutz for being sheepish about being selected…But that didn’t stop the voters, who loved Kreutz’s toughness and surely remember how well he played last season. I like how he wiggles the fingers on his left hand before snapping the ball with his right, like a safecracker getting ready to turn the combination lock on the vault. That had to be worth at least a few votes.

Like Kreutz, Brian Urlacher didn’t have nearly as good a season as he did last year. He had a nice season. He made a lot of tackles, but not as many big plays as he made last season.

…If only one Bear could have been selected, it should have been Marty Booker. He has had to negotiate his way through a poorly designed offense. He has seen double coverage most of the season. He faithfully goes over the middle despite knowing the next hit might cause him to spit out his Adam’s apple.

…The Tennessee Titans, who are 9-5, did not have one player voted to the Pro Bowl. Quarterback Steve McNair has led his team to eight victories in the last nine games, but he wasn’t chosen. There’s something wrong with that too.

— Rick Morrissey, The Chicago Tribune “Three Bears going to Pro Bowl? That’s hilarious”

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