NFL news of December 19, 2002

Paul Wiggin, director of pro scouting for the Vikings, looks around the NFL and sees former Vikings quarterbacks Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson and Jay Fiedler are starting and playing well.

…Fiedler, who was with the Vikings in 1998 and threw only seven passes, will quarterback the Miami Dolphins here Saturday.

“I remember reading an article in Miami where Fiedler was quoted as saying that he really felt that when he was here, this was kind of a quarterback school in a sense.”

…Wiggins believes that was also true of Gannon, who played for the Vikings from 1987 to 1992 and is having a sensational season for the Oakland Raiders.

“Gannon played fairly well when he went to the Chiefs and he’s probably in line to be an MVP for Oakland, that’s how good he’s gotten,” said Wiggin. “And Gannon’s changed some things in his life. They tell me right now he’s probably one of the most dedicated quarterbacks, commitment-wise, study-wise, all of those things that there are in the game. That wasn’t necessarily the case when he was here.”

Johnson was with the Vikings from 1992 to 1998. Wiggin, who has watched Johnson on film, said he might be having his best season while at Tampa Bay.

— Sid Hartman, The Star Tribune “Ex-Vikings QBs doing quite well”

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