NFL news of December 11, 2002

The NFL officiating department informed the Vikings on Wednesday that eight of nine calls made in the fourth quarter of their 26-22 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night were wrong, according to several league sources.

In what has become a routine for the Vikings, the team sent in 12 officials’ calls it disagreed with, and learned nine were incorrect. Among the blown calls in the fourth quarter the league acknowledged:

Vikings safety Corey Chavous did not interfere with Packers receiver Donald Driver on a crucial third-down play during Green Bay’s winning drive. The 28-yard penalty negated an interception by rookie safety Jack Brewer.

Vikings tight end Jim Kleinsasser should have benefited from a flag when he was tripped during an incomplete pass.

A flag was thrown when Brewer was clipped on a 22-yard punt return. But the officials overturned the initial ruling, giving the Packers the ball at their 46, instead of the 9, where the penalty would have put the ball.

Packers receiver Robert Ferguson should have been ruled down at the Vikings’ 1 on his 40-yard touchdown.

Even though there was no whistle, Packers safety Antuan Edwards should have been penalized for hitting receiver Chris Walsh when Walsh kneeled with four seconds left.

Packers linebacker Nate Wayne should have been penalized for clipping receiver Randy Moss on Darren Sharper‘s last-second interception return.

…Vikings coach Mike Tice declined comment.

— Sean Jensen, Saint Paul Pioneer Press “NFL officials admit blown calls in Vikings game.”

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