NFL news of December 8, 2002

Not to be a party-pooper, but didn’t the Oakland Raiders overdo that ceremony for Tim Brown on Monday night? Granted, Brown became just the third player in NFL history to collect 1,000 receptions, and that certainly deserves recognition. But a 3 1/2-minute game stoppage?

It’s not like Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing record, which, incidentally, prompted a shorter delay of the Cowboys-Seahawks game. Dallas decided to put off the major celebration until after the game.

The fete deserved a simple presentation of the ball to Brown, who in turn could have walked over to the sidelines and handed it to his mom, given her a kiss, and headed back to the Oakland huddle. Start the play clock and get the game going again. Maybe you could throw in a hug from Jerry Rice, who caught his 1,000th pass six years ago for San Francisco and, after Monday night’s game, still had 400-plus more catches than Brown.

…The Jets, who stood around and watched the overextended celebration Monday night, are planning a little salutation of their own when Curtis Martin becomes the 16th player to reach the 10,000-yard rushing level. Martin needs 12, and should be able to grind those out today at Giants Stadium against the Denver Broncos.

—Vinny Ditrani, The Record “Jets won’t stand on ceremony when Martin hits milestone”

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