NFL news of November 24, 2002

Dumb, dumber, dumbest

—Dumb—In the second quarter the Saints were successful on a field goal but took it off the board when a penalty gave them a first-and-goal against the Browns. But Cleveland’s Anthony Henry intercepted an Aaron Brooks pass, so those three points were gone forever in a 24-15 loss.

—Dumber—Jacksonville was trailing Dallas 21-12 in the fourth period when RB Fred Taylor was in the process of being tackled one yard from the Cowboys’ end zone. While falling, Taylor attempted to reach the goal line with the ball but, instead, flung it into the end zone. The Cowboys recovered for a touchback and held on to win 21-19.

—Dumbest —The Detroit Lions were facing the Chicago Bears in OT for the second time this season. Lions Coach Marty Mornhinweg won the OT coin toss—and chose to put the wind at his back instead of taking the ball. Of course the Bears got close enough for the winning field goal. Good luck at today’s press conference, Marty.

— Jerry Greene, The Orlando Sentinel “NFL served up as shaken, not stirred”

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