NFL news of November 14, 2002

Photo: Matt Kryger

Rookie running back James Mungro might turn out to be a one-game wonder, through no fault of his own.

Mungro, cut by the Lions before the regular season, rushed for 114 yards and two touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles in his first NFL start Sunday because Indianapolis running back Edgerrin James and backup Ricky Williams were out with hamstring injuries.

But James is practicing this week and can make $1.38 million in incentives if he rushes for 1,000 yards this season. He has 523 with seven games to play.

…Arizona coach Dave McGinnis, after the Cardinals lost a fumble when center Jason Starkey snagged the ball on a sprinkler head while making the snap to quarterback Jake Plummer: “If we don’t start winning, I’ll be in charge of watering that field. I’ll need to know where all those sprinkler heads are.”

— Curt Sylvester, Detroit Free Press “Mungro’s fame could be fleeting.”

James Mungro’s career ended after he suffered a severe ACL injury in the 2006 preseason. He appeared in a total of 43 games, carried the ball 133 times for 430 yards and had 10 TDs. His start against the Eagles in Week 10 of the 2002 season was his only his career start.

Dave McGinnis was fired after the 2003 season. The Cardinals were a combined 9-23 in his final two seasons with the team.

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