NFL news of November 12, 2002

Those comparisons by Mike Shanahan between Brian Griese and Joe Montana? The Broncos can only wish Griese were as good as Rich Gannon, much less Montana. Of course, most NFL quarterbacks would look good if they had as much time to throw as Gannon had Monday night. Said John Mobley: “He was sitting back there roasting wienies.”

So much for running the ball and playing defense being the keys to winning in the NFL. Gannon was the eighth quarterback to throw for 300 yards in Week 10 of the schedule. Their combined record: 6-1-1.

Johnny Unitas‘ record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass is safe. Not that it ever was in danger. Griese’s streak of 23 games, the longest in the league, ended less than halfway to Johnny U’s record of 47.

It’s one thing to lose. It’s something else to get dominated on the line of scrimmage like the Broncos’ defensive linemen did against the Raiders. For a minute there, I could have sworn Ted Gregory was out there chasing Gannon.

Not that the Raiders had a one-dimensional attack, but their leading rushers through three quarters were Gannon and Sebastian Janikowski.

…How close was John Elway, who did the opening coin-toss duties, to becoming a Raider? Al Davis had a deal all but done with the Chicago Bears that would have given the Raiders the sixth pick in the 1983 draft. Davis was going to package the selection with other picks and veterans Ted Watts and Kenny Hill in a deal with the Colts, who had the first pick. The Bears scotched the deal at the last minute, insisting that Howie Long be included.

— Jim Armstrong, The Denver Post “Gannon hot enough to border Montana”

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