NFL news of October 14, 2002

Tom Brady‘s pass bounced off a pair of Green Bay defenders midway through the final quarter. The incomplete pass brought up fourth down, and as Brady trotted to the Patriots sideline, he heard the sound all pro quarterbacks eventually must.

Boos. Lots of boos.

The jeers came from the Patriots fans mad enough to sit through the disgraceful horror of a 28-10 loss yesterday to the Packers at Gillette Stadium. For the first time in his career, Brady saw the dark side of his chosen profession.

It’s about time. Now we can say Brady’s an official NFL quarterback. Until a quarterback has been booed off the field by his team’s fans, he hasn’t really experienced everything the job has to offer.

No quarterback has ever escaped a home-field razzing. This reporter saw 49ers fans cheer as a groggy Joe Montana was lifted for Steve Young in San Francisco. He heard Sonny Jurgensen booed in two different hometowns. His father, who grew up in D.C., swears Sammy Baugh got the treatment in the 1940s.

It’s a simple equation: Quarterbacks aren’t perfect. Fans expect them to be. And it’s always their fault when the team stinks.

— Michael Gee, The Boston Herald “Fans home in on Brady; Chorus of boos a right of passage for an NFL QB”

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