NFL news of September 23, 2002

Herman Edwards and his coaches and players will tell us differently, that they can ride out this sudden heat and humidity, that there’s no problem that hard work and togetherness won’t solve.

That may be so. But if ever there was a Gang Green panic room, it was Pro Player Stadium on Sunday.

It gets late early in the NFL, and the Jets, thought by themselves and others as a Super Bowl contender coming out of the preseason, put themselves firmly behind the eight-ball after losing to running back Ricky Williams and the undefeated Dolphins, 30-3.

Combined with last week’s 37-point home-opening loss to the Patriots, the moods in the visitors’ dressing room were variations on a dour theme.

— Randy Lange, Record “It’s getting late early for the Jets; Team preaches unity after disheartening loss.”

The  Jets started the 2002 season 2-5 before eventually finishing 9-7 and winning the AFC East.

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