NFL news of September 17, 2002

Photo: Dick Druckman

After staving off the bench and the St. Louis Rams, after driving the Denver Broncos 99 yards past the San Francisco 49ers, quarterback Brian Griese faces another challenge as chilling as the ice tub he soaked in Monday morning.

During his five-year NFL career, Griese hasn’t led the Broncos to three consecutive wins in a season, a feat he can accomplish with a win Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at Invesco Field at Mile High.

…In 1999, Griese’s first season as a full-time NFL starter, he had two two game-winning streaks.

In 2000, he had three two-game winning streaks, and might have extended the streak had it not been for a recurrence of his shoulderinjury after throwing only twopasses in the regular-season finale against San Francisco. But again, like a poor long-range shooting NBA team, no threes.

Then last year, Griese opened the season with two victories before losing to Baltimore in Week 3 and not winning more than one game in a row the remainder of the season.

Usually, two out of three isn’t bad. But just once, the Broncos would like to see Griese make it three out of three.

— Adam Schefter, Denver Post “Bills stand between Griese, QB’s first NFL hat trick”

Griese and the Broncos defeated the Bills in week 3, giving Griese the only 3-game winning streack of his Broncos career. He was released after the 2002 season.

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